Bloody Mary Bar every weekend!  Create your own with garnishes galore!



Café Richesse estate grown & roasted for Silver Grill


Regular or herbal

Hot Cocoa

Free refills!


Free refills!

Walrus Ice Cream Milkshake

Choose from Silver Grill Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream, chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry



Apple, grapefruit, cranberry, tomato, V8

Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice

For decades we've served the freshest orange juice possible. Our unique juice machine feeds fresh oranges down a chute, slices them, then puts the 'squeeze' on to create a healthy, natural treat packed with Vitamin C.



Café Royale

Brown sugar, vanilla, steamed milk, topped with foam, lemon twist

Café Latte

Espresso & steamed milk topped with foam

Café Mocha

Espresso, chocolate, steamed milk, whipped cream


Espresso, splash of steamed milk, foam

Café Vienna

Espresso, cinnamon, vanilla, steamed milk

Shot in the Dark

Espresso shot blended with house coffee

Chai Tea

Chai tea spices & steamed milk topped with nutmeg

Cocktails & Beer

BM in sun on table

Bloody Mary -- Voted "Best Of" for 5 years!

Available with house-infused bacon, citrus, or hot pepper vodka

Bloody Maria

Make it tequila!


Fresh-squeezed orange juice & vodka

Tequila Sunrise

Fresh-squeezed orange juice and tequila


Way beyond average! Large 12 oz glass (no skinny champagne flutes here!) filled with fresh-squeezed orange juice and Italian Prosecco
RaspMimosa Cropped

Fruit Infused Mimosa -- Peach, raspberry, mango, strawberry

Fresh-squeezed orange juice, Italian Prosecco, fresh fruit purée in large 12 oz glass.

Domestic Beer

Micros & Imports

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