Family History

Cousin Leonard Manassero 1945

Henry Ford’s Model A was introduced to the public on December 2, 1927 and was introduced to the Arnolfo family in 1930 when John Arnolfo Sr. purchased a Model A Town Sedan in San Francisco, Calif. Unknown by John Sr., this pick-up truck would play a significant role in the Arnolfo family history:

  • In the summer of 1937, John’s mother and father went on their first date in this car.
  • In 1940 the car was wrecked during a trip to the San Joaquin Valley “wine country” to visit family members.
  • Fixed and modified into a pick-up truck by John Sr.’s brother-in-law, Mike Manassero.
  • Used in the Arnolfo brothers’ grocery store in San Francisco until the start of World War II in 1941.
  • Brought back to Lodi, Calif. in the San Joaquin Valley and used as a farm vehicle until the early 50s.
  • Last driven in mid the 1950s by cousin Mickie Manassero and his friend Dan Parisi as a “jalopy” during their high school days.
  • For more than 45 years, the vehicle had been sitting in a barn in Lodi, Calif. until it was picked up by John Arnolfo, Jr. in the summer of 2002.
  • Restoration began in September 2002.

Now restored to a Model A Town Sedan Pick-Up you can see this truck in front of the Silver Grill on occasion and in community events such as parades. This truck is the pride of John Arnolfo, Jr. and the Silver Grill Cafe.